Lindsay Johnson

Realtor Lindsay Johnson

Born and raised in the Magic Valley, "Idahome" is the only home Lindsay has ever known.  As a young adult, Lindsay ventured to her favorite big-little city, Boise and has resided here ever since.
Lindsay, considered by many as a mentor in the realm of real estate, gained years of invaluable experience early on in her career with the management of real estate investments through property management.  Likewise, she successfully transitioned countless individuals and families from being renters, into fulfilling their dream of being homeowners.

Due to her past experience, Lindsay has gained immeasurable knowledge about the Treasure Valley and the surrounding area rental markets.  As well, she has developed sincere relationships with trusted resources throughout the valley from your general landscapers, to your major demo/remodel companies.

In her off time, Lindsay enjoys the exploration opportunities that the beautiful state of Idaho has to offer.  Whether it be camping, hiking, fishing or rafting Lindsay, her boyfriend, and their 19 year old min-pin sidekick, “Chico” are fearless in the face of adventure… as long as there is coffee involved!

If you are looking to take the first step in achieving your dream of becoming a homeowner,  if you desire to upgrade or downsize your current home, or if you want to expanding your inventory by adding another sensible investment, Lindsay is the right agent to help you maximize your real estate goals.

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